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Action on Wheels at the TT-Festival with SquareLED FAN-tastic XL


The TT-Festival – one of the largest motorcycle events in Europe - is the perfect blend of music, roaring engines and the smell of burning rubber! From 27th - 30th June the town of Assen during the festival put upside down by some 200,000 visitors.


Company Powersound Sales & Rent were the provider of the Mainstage for the 4th year in a row. With a crew of 14 persons they built this stage and equipment in 2 days and  played from wednesday until saturday with over 30 artists and bands.


12 pieces SquareLED FAN-tastic XL – have been a very special eyecatcher on this years stage - an innovative combination of an industrial fan and LED light effect in the size of 1m x 1m.

Since both the LED lighting in the inner part of the fan can be controlled independently of the outer light frame, and the speed of the rotor blades can be additionally controlled, the stage design was given a very special dynamic.


Dennis Brookman – CEO of Powersound Sales & Rent rave about the outstanding effect:

"We used the Fans for the 1st time at this festival, and everyone is loving them!"


Special thanks to Dennis and his team for sharing these pictures with us.



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