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By far the brightest LED panels for film sets and TV studios!

The arrival triggered a flurry of excitement!!!

The new Ultrapanels have arrived!

The new Ultrapanel Dual Color 60 Hard is the ultimate 2 x 1 LED panel with its 140,000 Lux at 1 m. It is a deluxe version of the Superpanel Dual Color 60 Hard with all the technical and optical features of the latter but with double the light output.
Top CRI and TLCI, AC/DC operation with practical and economical 14 V and 160 Wh batteries, DMX, RDM and Bluetooth Long Range control. The Ultrapanel is a surprisingly practical light with ultra-professional performance, suitable for film sets and TV studios that need high performance lighting
The incredible light output has been achieved by using the latest generation of LEDs and the light beam angle is the same as the Superpanel Hard models (40°) or Soft models (120°).


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We make the world a little more colorful - Goboservice Divum 50K

Our new superhero
among the gobo projectors

The Divum 50K, an exceptionally powerful projector and thanks to the 37,100 lumens COB LED ideal for brilliant outdoor projections. 
Due to the zoom optics with 8°-52°, the device is extremely flexible (gobo projections, effect wheels, architecture mapping) and therefore especially suitable for the rental market.
Thanks to the excellent optics and the enormous light output, the device masters distances of up to 100m.


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The play of light and shadow has moved to a new level - LUPO Movielight 300 PRO Series

The NEW Lupo
Bowens Mount Light
Get rid of external ballasts and cables!


LUPO Movielight 300 PRO

The new Movielight 300 PRO Serie has been created to make filmmakers’ lives easier on set; this is why we opted for an integrated electronic ballast design
The Movielight 300 PRO circuitry is located in the top of the device; the AC feed is the only external cable that needs to be attached to a Powercon connector.
The special optics and reflector help make Movielight 300 PRO super bright and efficient.

The high-frequency electronics guarantee a truly flicker-free operation even for high-speed video shooting
All Lupo lights, including the new Movielights 300 PRO can be used with the mains (universal 90 V to 240 V) or battery (14.8 V to 28 V, depending on the model).
Bluetooth and DMX control integrated.


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Ideas on the (Tilt) move! SquareLED Moving Blade IP65 Strobe with 2x 12 segments

The latest member of the SquareLED series simply offers everything:

2x 12 segment control
IP65 weather protection, 
an incredible total power of 1.500W
as well as DMX controllable TILT movement!
That really brings action to your stage and rain showers will just make you smile...
The special feature of our Moving Blade: RGB + White Shutter can be synced via a single channel. 
The product was simply thought to the end - because the TILT movement is even manually adjustable on the menu.


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Your invisible sales assistant: PR-SCENT FRAGRANCE MACHINES

Come into our world of fragrances!

The sense of smell has an extremely large influence on our well-being and thus on the thinking and behavior of humans. With the nice feeling of a pleasant scent in the background, an intensification of positive feelings about experiences and events of any kind, a greater lingering time and desire to buy, as well as an intensification of positive feelings about a product, an event or a service are the result.

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