HOFKON 520-4K corner Multi QTP

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HOFKON 520-4K corner Multi QTP

Measure: 520 x 520 mm
Tube: 50 x 4 mm
Bracing: 30 x 3 mm
Material: EN-AW 6082 T6
Eurocode 9 tested
TüV tested factory
without conical connector 1119954
Dimensions: 740 x 740 x 740mm
Weight: 22,0 kg
Powder coating by request

HOFKON 520-4K is a high performance truss with a very large load capacity. With its powerful 60mm conical connection system HOFKON 520-4K delivers a safe and fast assembly. HOFKON 520-4K is ideal to use for: pre-rig, large stage roof systems and big event productions. HOFKON 520-4K is a real powerhouse with all the benefits of the conical connection system.
Ideal for:

big stage roofs
booth construction
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Material number
Product state:
HOFKON 520-4K | dimensions: 520 x 520mm | bracing: 50 x 4mm

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