Advance Tapes AT 08H 50mm x 33m Marking tape red/white


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Advance Tapes AT 08H 50mm x 33m Marking tape red/white

Advance Tapes AT 08H 50mm x 33m Marking tape red/white


AT8H is a hazard warning tape ideal for social distancing guidance.

Our Hazard Warning Tape is ideal for marking hazardous areas or social distancing. The AT8 Hazard Tape is a PVC film coated with an aggressive, cross linked solvent based rubber resin adhesive, which means it has a high level of adhesion and good abrasion resistance.

Our tape adheres for a very long term to rough surfaces. It has been specially designed for marking out potentially hazardous areas for safety purposes, such as steps, stairwells, floors, walkways, walls and other areas that need some warning identification.

This adhesive tape is perfect for high traffic area, the low stretch offered means that it won’t shrink back or lift once applied. It can be walked on immediately after application without any drying time needed.

Our high tack hazard warning tape is available in 3 colourways, to suit most conditions.

We offer red / white, yellow / black or green / white all in diagonal stripes. The high contrast colours serve as a clear visual demarcation and guidance within buildings.

Black/Yellow is used as a warning indicator – Radioactive materials, width or height restrictions, moving equipment, obstructions, general danger

Red/White is used for prohibition or Danger indicator such as No smoking, Fire fighting equipment, Flammable substances

Green/White is generally used for Safety and Escape indicator – Escape routes, Emergency exit, First Aid point, safe areas


Adhesion Properties

Adhesion Level very high
Quick Stick (Tack) high

Physical. Properties

Abrasion resistance good
Breaking load medium
Ease of unwind tight
Flame retardant no
Self-extinguishing no
Service temp low 0° C bis +60° C
Thearability medium
Thickness 0,14
Writable surface -
Standard colours black/yellow, red/white

- Very high adhesion level
- Low stretch -will not lift once applied
- Good abrasion resistance-stands up
well to foot and machinery traffic
- Can be walked on immediately
after application


very high
0°C bis +60°C
length | m
width | mm

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