SquareLED FAN-tastic XL MK2 with 8 individual controllable segments


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SquareLED FAN-tastic XL MK2 with 8 individual controllable segments

SquareLED FAN-tastic XL MK2 with 8 individual controllable segments
Control channel: 13/32 DMX 512 channels
Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, sound control and auto
Voltage: AC 90~240 V, 50~60 Hz
LED: 160 pieces 5.0*5.0 LED
LED life span: 100000 hours
Total power: 120W
Device size: 100 *100 *18 cm

* priece per piece - sold only as a pair in double flightcase *

They rock the stage! The SquareLED FAN-tastic provides unseen effects. The innovative combination of an industrial fan and LED light effects allows spectacular programming and amazing stage designs.
The effect of the fan does not have the strength of a windmachine even at full power and can therefore easily be built up into large walls behind the artists, without causing unpleasant wind effects.

With the new MK2 version, the outer light frame has now been divided into 8 individually controllable segments - this allows to programm exciting matrix effects - make sure to watch the video !!!
The LED lighting in the inner part of the fan and the fan speed can be controlled individually.


technical datas:

Device rotation: high-speed mute motor, device running noise is in line with any places. Motor running with anti-clockwise rotation, DMX off-line power for restoring and maintaining the position, accidental accident can automatically unlock correction, with a strong enough anti-interference ability.
Strobe: the frequency up to 18 times per second
Fan effect: using five groups of blades, 8 groups of full-color LED changing, coupled with LED brightness rotation with very shocked effects
Device face effect: using eight groups of LED light bar composed of color changes, with outstanding effect
Combination: can be combined into overlapping screen mode to form a group of whirlwind screen, behind the device with fast easy to buckle lock
Handle design: both ends with a hand-held handle, easy to move
Power interface: Powercon IN/OUT
Signal interface: 3pol DMX IN/OUT / 5pol DMX IN/OUT
Signal transmission: international DMX 512 signal
Sheet metal design: high quality aluminum and thick iron
Design: using streamlined ABS flame retardant engineering plastics and high strength alloy cold forming core material
Device size: 100 *100 *18 cm
Net weight: 45 kg
Gross weight (carton case): 48 kg


The LTH expert opinion:

This product inspires! Regardless of whether it is a substructure for a DJ area or as a back wall for a spectacular stage - the fan effect can be used to create exciting stage backgrounds.

The individual control of the segments provides a multitude of programming options for graphic effects (see video). We exhibited a stage rear wall with a height of 5 m at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt and the response was thrilling! Almost everyone wanted a photo with themselves in front of the wall - an absolute eye-catcher!

Please note that this is a pure light effect. The fan blades are intentionally not set at an angle and therefore do not create a wind effect. Imagine the artist is on stage - her / his hair is blowing in the direction of the audience and all the bras fly back into the audience ... That is intentionally not wanted.



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About SquareLED

Our brand for selected product imports from Asia.

Since 2010, under this brand we have been marketing innovative products that inspire us.

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