Goboservice SYMP 20W-MT Lens 70mm | Angle aperture: 23,9°


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Goboservice SYMP 20W-MT Lens 70mm | Angle aperture: 23,9°

Goboservice SYMP 20W-MT Lens 70mm | Angle aperture: 23,9°
track version (will accept DALI once fitted)

Symp is an ultra-compact 20W LED gobo projector designed to enhance
most interiors and capable of creating intense emotions through images.
Thanks to its extreme versatility, high aesthetic impact and small size, Symp
is the perfect solution for decorative or functional lighting of museums,
sports arenas, shopping centres, hospitals but also architectural details
in hospitality and retail. Available in a wall-mounted or binary, DALI
ready, version and two different optical setups, SYMP makes indoor gobo
projection an exciting new lighting solution.

The LTH expert opinion:

THE affordable solution for retail stores or branches that want to project their logo or other advertising messages. 

Unlike cheap Chinese devices that you may often find for such use, here a high-quality optics was built in - the device is 100% Made in Italy.

The version for power rails is DALI capable. We are happy to advise you!



lamp type
power | Watt
  • 20
beam angle
color temperature
  • Gobo Size O.D. ø37,5mm - I.D. ø30mm
  • Total Lumen Output: 718 lm
  • Luminous Efficacy: 36 lm/W
protection class

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About Goboservice

Goboservice is a professional gobo-production company, with offices in Italy, France and the United States. We are capable of producing customized gobos in a very short time using the most advanced techniques available.

In recent years, Goboservice has increasingly established itself as a manufacturing company of advertising projectors and projectors for highly efficient outdoor Christmas projections.



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