LTH PRO.fessional Starline Series - SunArc D. 2,00


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LTH PRO.fessional Starline Series - SunArc D. 2,00

LTH PRO.fessional Starline Series - SunArc D. 2,00m
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Our stainless steel design objects are kinetic play of light, with a fascinating sculptural effect. Once the individual segments of the stainless steel discs are spread out, a three-dimensional design object is created. Illuminated with colored light, beautiful reflections that inspire people to watch and relax arise on the surface. Driven by an electric motor, our Starshine light objects are being put in continuous rotation and by reflections give your event or shopping area a versatile vitality. Starshine light objects even at ambient bright as day, achieve their sparkling and glittering effect.


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About LTH PRO.fessional

Under this brand you will find European product imports with an extraordinary good price / performance ratio.

The LTH PROfessional tripod range can compete qualitatively with high-priced branded products, as well as our LTH PROfessional color filter range or our stage platforms and cases. Just browse through our assortment!

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