SquareLED Active Zoom Outdoor 54x3W RGBW IP-65

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SquareLED Active Zoom Outdoor 54x3W RGBW IP-65

SquareLED Active Zoom Outdoor 54x3W RGBW Quad-Color Outdoor Par

Out of production - 2 Demounit with small traces available!!

The SquareLED Active Zoom PAR is assembled with high-quality LEDs, which guarantee low consumption, high brithness, stable performance and long life. The beam angle of 10° - 40° is possible by an electric zoom.

The protection class IP-65 allows a permanent Outdoor use. Because of the built-in PWM each color has 16.666 dimming levels. Over 16.7 million colors are possible by the RGB color mixing - because of the
additional white LEDs even more color effects (such as pastell colors) are possible. Various strobe / dimmer modes are possible.

The LED Par Zoom features a built-in color calibration for color temperatur output which can be set on the lamp. By an integrated temperature control, the lamp get intelligently and reduces the output power to protect the LED from overheating.


LED span: 50000-100000 hours
LED driver: PWM dimming frequency>400Hz(16666levels), Driving currect:700mA
Consumption: 180W
Control Signal: DMX512/Auto run
Control mode: stand alone / master / slave
Channel: 4CH, 6CH, 8CH, 10CH
Color effect: R, G, B, W mixing
Function Effect:Dimmer, strobe, eotic, gradual change
Cooling mode: Natural Convection: built-in temperature controll function, intelligently controlling the power output of LEDs
Out voltage: DC32V
Anti-electricity intension: 1.5KV
Insulation Resistance >2MΩ
Beam Angle: 10-40°
Safety Class: IP65
Power: AC 100V-264V/47-63 Hz
Lamp: LED(3W) // R(12pcs), G(14pcs), B(14pcs), W(14pcs)

Dimensions: 325 x 265 x 330 mm
Weight: 10,0 kg

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