SquareLED Grand Prix 84x5 Watt


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SquareLED Grand Prix 84x5 Watt

SquareLED Grand Prix 84x5 Watt

The Grand Prix SquareLED 84x5 watt is designed for medium to large theaters and studio applications. The application area is mainly the fundamental light, it was designed to replace for example the previously used 2kW lamp. The Grand Pirx 84x5 Watt features in comparison to conventional halogen lamp following advantages: LEDs have a very high colour rendering index, especially for professional photography or professional video recordings. LED - life of 50,000 hours. No stray light, very high efficiency. DMX512 signal decording, PWM dimming from 0 to 100%. Optical Zoom 10-40 degrees. No conventional dimmer and load cable is needed.

»» 84 x 5 Watt LEDs
»» PWM Dimming
»» AC 100 - 240 Volt
»» Zoom 10 - 40 degrees
»» DMX 512
»» Manual operation (control panel at the unit)
»» measurements: 57 x 37 x 37 cm
»» weight: 15kg

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