SquareLED Artiste 20R 470W Beam-Spot-Wash Movinghead


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SquareLED Artiste 20R 470W Beam-Spot-Wash Movinghead

1.Light source: Philips MSD Platinum 20R 470W bulb; which is clean and uniform, up to 80%
2.BEAM, SPOT, WASH three-in-one function, the minimum angle can be 2 degrees; the beam is full and sharp; the spot is even and clean; the wash mode is pure
3.The bulb cooling system is officially certified by Philip,which is cooled by intelligent fan control, automatically adjust the fan speed according to the state and position of the lamp; ensure that the bulb heats well
4.Input signal isolation protection function ensures signal transmission is stable and undisturbed.
5.High temperature automatic protection. When the temperature is too high, the light bulb is automatically turned off to make the lamp cool and then bubbled to ensure the safe use of the lamp.
6.Optional built-in wireless function
7.RDM function


Technical Specifications:
Light source    Philips MSD Platinum 20R 470W bulb;    Life    1500 hours
Color temperature    7800K    
Focusing    electronic focus, ultra-micro-smooth adjustment of focal length
Color plate:    CMY+CTO color mixing system, uniform smooth color, rich and pure color
1 color wheel: 13 fixed color chips , white light, half-color effect, color sheet can be positioned at will, rainbow effect with two-way rotation    
1 rotating gobos: 8 plug-in rotating gobos + white circle, with pattern dithering and pattern arbitrary positioning function
1 fixed gobos: 8 gobos + 3 small circles and motion effect discs, with pattern jitter function and pattern arbitrary positioning function, can simulate dynamic vibration, turbulent water and other effects
Pan movement: 540° (16 bit )
Tilt movement: 270° (16 bit )    
Advanced motion system: auto repositioning, fast, quiet and smooth
Animation wheel    Ultra-stunning simulation of dynamic vibration, turbulent water and other effects
Prism    Rotating 8 prisms and trapezoidal prisms, rotating in the right and opposite direction, and with prism positioning, 16 macro functions    
Frost    0 to 100% soft light effect
Dimmer    0-100% linear electronic dimmer    
Strobe    Up to 12Hz and select random strobe and pulse strobe    
Channel Mode    26/24/37 international standard DMX512 channels
Beam    2°~24°    
Spot     3°~42°
Wash    8°~40°

lamp type
power | Watt
  • 470
beam angle
Beam: 2°-24° Spot: 3°-42° Wash: 8°-40°
color temperature
DMX channels
26/24/37 channels
Pan movement: 540° (16 bit ) Tilt movement: 270° (16 bit )
  • DMX + RDM
  • Dynamic effect wheel: Dynamic effects such as flame, turbulent water, etc.
protection class
0,0 / 5
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light source: lamp bulb

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