SquareLED Splash 200W LED Fresnel, 20-55° IP65 | 3200K


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SquareLED Splash 200W LED Fresnel, 20-55° IP65 | 3200K
incl. barndoor, manual Zoom, Dimming manual + per DMX


It's a brand new model of LED fresnel spotlight ! Thin, portability, flexbility, durability, and intelligent design.

This Led Fresnel has a manual zoom from 20 ~55 degree. Available colour temperatures: 3200K or 5600K, Dualwhite or RGBW

Selectable and smooth 16-bit dimming curves make it compatible with older, traditional theater Fresnels. Focusing is a breeze even without a board operator, thanks to manual overrides for zoom and dimming on the back of the unit. It is a perfect fit in theaters, studios or other environments that require smooth, even washes of light.

The lighting case is and made by the sturdy and durable die casting aluminum with IP65 function, you can install it indoor or outdoor ! We have model of 150W/200W LED, producing an output similar to a 750W or 1000W lamp. There are 4 kinds of dimmer curve: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Quick mode and Linear mode. The frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25000 Hz is flicker-free on the camera and the extremely silent fan makes the unit very suitable for all different kinds of event: stage, studio room, broadcast, museum and so on.


Technical data:
* LED Color: Single color warm white (200W) COB LED
* Led Lamp: Imported LED
* Color Rendering Index(CRI): Ra≥90                                                     
* Voltage: AC100-240V
* Max.power consumption: 260W
* Power Supply Brand:MEAN WELL
* XLR: 5 and 4 Pins NEUTRIK                                                          
* Dimmer: 0~100% linearly adjustable
* Zooming Scale: 20-55°                                                          
* Dimming Curve: 4 kinds
* Dimming Frequency: 500HZ - 25000HZ optional                                                
* Light body: Die casting Aluminum
* Touch screen: LCD with touch screen                                                        
* Control Mode: DMX/RDM
* Control mode: DMX, Auto run and Master/Slave
* DMX: 1/2CH(single color)
* Cooling system: No noise fan
* IP Grade: IP65


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