LTH PRO.fessional Media Column Dinizia Basic Setup 1

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LTH PRO.fessional Media Column Dinizia Basic Setup 1

LTH PRO.fessional Media Column Dinizia Basic Setup 1
* made in GERMANY *

- 1 piece Art. 56326 Base plate, RAL 9005, with adjustment screw, Dinizia
- 1 piece Art. 56327 Extension 90 cm, RAL 9005, Dinizia
- 1 piece Art. 56328 Extension 39 cm, RAL 9005, Dinizia
- 1 piece Art. 56329 Top 29,75 cm, RAL 9005, with cable management and fixing Accessories set, DO1, Dinizia
- 1 piece Art. 56331 Adapter plate, 430x300x3 mm, RAL 9005, DP1, Dinizia
- 3 pieces Art. 55848 Lens in acrylic glass colorless, 101x101x5 mm, Dinizia

Application: Indor media column for light, sound, video etc.
The square tubes are hollow inside and used for cable management.
Material: Steel
Color RAL 9005 deep black

This modular and flexible media column not only convinces with a chic and sophisticated design, but also impresses with its functionality and robustness. It is a brilliant and perfect solution in the visible areas of the audience and guests at events: at a professional reception, at a trade fair, a product launch, a shareholders' meeting, at company galas, in the theater, etc.

The modular media column offers you the possibility to place commercially available event technology simply, discreetly and cleverly in the room with just one product. Consisting of a base plate with a weight of approx. 25 kg, this forms the basis of the media column with an integrated plug-in attachment. Several extensions up to a total height of 300 cm can be attached to it. The assembly is cleverly solved, extremely fast and cost-effective. A simple mechanism allows you to connect the elements without tools and to build up the media column modularly in different heights. Further additional so-called ballast plates can be easily and inconspicuously placed on the base plate, so that the weight can be increased at any time if desired (recommended depending on the assembly height) and a stable stand is guaranteed. The "Allround head" at the top of the media column gives the user the possibility of a tool-free and very easy connection of

  • Beamers and video projectors on a suitable universal plate
  • adapter plate according to VESA standard for monitors
  • light and sound systems (TV spigots)
  • Lightbars

Talking about flexibility: the universal head can be adapted according to the individual wishes of the customer to fit the existing technology in order to cover all eventualities. The modular media column also features three smart cable outlets: one opening each at the bottom and top of the column, and another at the bottom of the base plate. The base plate as well as the extensions are made of high-quality steel parts, which are powder-coated. Thus, the customer has the color variety RAL of his choice and additionally a hard-wearing powder coating for his media column. The square tubes are hollow on the inside and can be used practically as cable guides.

The media column is rounded off with an optional storage table for laptops, tablets, keyboards, etc., which is provided with a corresponding cable opening. Information material such as flyers and brochures or disinfectants can also be placed there.
Furthermore, the shapely media column can be equipped with four casters (with brake) in no time and thus be rolled from room to room comfortably and easily.

The new media column offers event technology the possibility of functional technology in an elegant room ambience. In its purest multifunctionality, it offers the flexibility of the truss paired with a stylish and modern design and ensures that you shine successfully and efficiently at the most diverse events.

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