STAY SAFE WALL - version 1

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STAY SAFE WALL - version 1
dimensions: approx.1.40m height x 2.00m width


In this time of corona pandemic, we see an increasing demand for solutions for companies, hospitals and medical practices in order to best protect their employees.

The wall can be used flexibly in a wide variety of areas in order to maintain the prescribed minimum distance between people. Some examples of use are production lines in the food or pharmaceutical industry, in queues in front of and in hospitals, doctor's offices or pharmacies, or also in supermarkets and drugstores. The wall can also be used in crop sorting systems in agriculture.

Thanks to its low weight, the STAY SAFE WALL can be converted quickly and flexibly.

Technical specifications:

Keder profile above and below
Stand made of robust aluminum 50x2mm round tube
PVC window film 0.5mm; B1 fire-retardant transparent
TÜV-tested connecting clamps made of aluminum / galvanized steel
Easy assembly within a few minutes
Flexible handling: only the foils have to be exchanged

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