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LTH PRO.fessional liveSHOW Software

LTH PRO.fessional liveSHOW Software
2-user license for Windows, Mac & Linux

Sound, Light, Media - all in one: Whether you want to control only sound playback or only light or just media presentations or combinations of sound, light and media for your show, the liveShow software offers you an easy-to-learn way.
Easy and logical: Simply arrange the complete show in a common timeline, as you know from music or video editing programs - What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG. The software is easily operated, but extensive enough to comply professional standards.
Freely express your creativity: Put anytime fade transitions and structure in this simple way your show. Content can be used and copied several times.
Comfortable controlling: The sequence of the show can be controlled via the computer, but also via an Android smartphone and / or remote control via a simple wireless mouse.
Live Show Software is the innovative combination of: DMX lighting controller, sound regulation, media projections
Supported Operating Systems: Windows (Windows 7, Vista, 8, 10) / Mac OSX (Lion) / Linux
DMX Lampen Tracking: Übernehmen von DMX Einstellungen aus anderen Lichtstimmungen und Lampen.
EASY HANDLING . The entire show (DMX, sound and media) can be programmed via one timeline. . The operation is similar to a music editor program. . No midi trigger needed - WYSIWYG. . Convenient remote control via Android and easily via wireless mouse (Several Android devices with different permissions).
Professional features: . DMX lamp Tracking: Apply DMX settings from other cues and lamps.. Movement calibration of scanners / moving heads without the need of 3D models. . " On the fly" replacement of lamps. Lamps can be easily replaced by other lights, as many DMX settings are undertaken as possible. . Complete projects can be exported and ported to another computer. . Lamp Editor: Easy implementation of new lamps without complicated programming. . The media player can be done in one or more external computers. The control works via network connection (LAN or WLAN) . The times of scene changes can be recorded. Shows the remaining time until the next scheduled change. Warning messages in diffrent display colors when the next change is to be done.
Light effects can be defined very comfortably:
+ Running lights over dimmer, extra colors,..
+ Color transitions
+ Scanner rides

The imagination knows no limits.

Currently supported DMX hardware interfaces: DMX4All (Mini and Nano Interface) Enttec DMX USB Pro LAN interfaces, which support ACN Streaming (ACN 1.31) (for example: sandbox)

Download and more Informations:
Demoversion with full functionality for 15 days of use and more informations:


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