Plastic-standing cabinet IP44


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Plastic-standing cabinet IP44

Plastic-standing cabinet IP44


1 x CEE 32 A, 400 V - ungesichert
2 x CEE 16 A, 400 V - Absicherung: 2 x LS 16 A, 3-polig,C
6 x Steckdose 230 V - Absicherung: 3 x LS 16 A, 1-polig, C
mit FI-Schalter 40 A, 4-polig,
0,03 A über alle Abgänge
Eingang über CEE-Gerätestecker
32 A, 5-polig, 400 V, 6 h


2 x LS 16 A, 3-polig,C
3 x LS 16 A, 1-polig,C


1 x CEE 32 A, 400 V 2 x CEE 16 A, 400 V 6 x 230V socket with FI switch 40 A, 4-pole, 0.03 A across all outlets, Input via CEE device plug, 32 A, 5-pin, 400 V, 6 h
unsecured 2 x LS 16 A, 3-pin, C 3 x LS 16 A, 1-pole, C

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plastic- & rubber housing

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