SquareLED Sabre LED Moving Spot 550W with 4-blade framing shutter system


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SquareLED Sabre LED Moving Spot 550W with 4-blade framing shutter system

Theatrical applications place particularly high demands on movingheads. The SquareLED Sabre proves that these requirements can not only be met by European brand manufacturers by its compact size, little weight and a wide zoom range of 4.5° - 53.5°.

This LED Movinghead with a power consumption of only 800W is equipped with a range of features that in such quality, can regulary only be found in very expensive devices: High CRI >90, CMY color mixing system + CTO, 2 bi-directional gobo wheels with variable speed, autofocus, zoom, quad prism and a rotateable Framing module with 4 blades – each fully closing (total curtain). Thanks to the special patented optics, the gobo image is very precise and the lightbeam is absolutely homogeneous.
Additional features are a 6 colors + white color wheel, a dynamic effect wheel and a high frequency electronic Strobe. Sensational is the light output of 25.200 Lumen!



Technical Specifications:
Optical System
Light Source:High power 550W LED module
Zoom Range: Linear 4.5° - 53.5°
CRI: ≥90
Electrical Specification
Input voltage: AC100 ~ 240v, 50 / 60Hz
Power: 800W
Power connector: POWERCON
Signal connector: 3-PIN and 5-PIN XLR
Control System
Mechanical movement: Pan 540 °, Tilt 270 ° (8-16bit scanning)
Dimming: Linear 0-100%, 4 dimming curve
Cooling system: Forced convection
Control protocol: DMX, RDM, W-DMX (wireless optional)
Strobe: Max. @25Hz, random / pulsed(optional)
Channel mode: 29CHS, 34CHS, 37CHS
Others: Self-rechargeable buffer battery, edit menu under no
power state, LCD screen
Working Environment
Working temperature: 0-45 °
IP rating: Ip20
Dynamic Effects
Rotating gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable gobos + open+
Animation effect + Positioning function
Static gobo wheel: 7 gobos + open + animation effect
Color wheel: 6 dichroic color filters + open, Rainbow effect
with bi-directional and variable speeds
Color system: CMY + independent CTO
Prism: 4-facet prism, bi-directional rotational rotating and
positioning function
Framing system: 4 Blades with +/-45° rotation, each can be
separately controlled for direction and angle. single blade can
be closed completely
Animation wheel: Animation wheel flame and water-running
Iris: 5%~100% linearly adjustable
Focus: Motorized linear focus
Frost: 0-100% linear frost, "soft edge" frost, flood frost, 2
kinds frost
Physical Specification
Size: 374*355 *736mm
Weight: 32kg
Housing: Flame-retardant plastic
Color: Black

lamp type
power | Watt
  • 800
beam angle
4,5° - 53,5°
DMX channels
29/34/37 channels
Pan 540°, Tilt 270°
  • DMX, RDM, W-DMX (wireless optional)
  • Animation wheel flame and water-running
protection class
power connection
data connection
  • 3-PIN and 5-PIN XLR
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