Vollgummi-Kleinverteiler IP44


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Vollgummi-Kleinverteiler IP44


1x CEE 32A, 400V
1x CEE 16A, 400V
4x outlets 230V with Fl-Switch 40A, 4 pin, 0,03 A over all dispolars with 2m supply HO7RN-F5 G6mm² + CEE-Stecker 32A, 5-pin, 400V, 6h

power guarding

1xLS 16A, 3-pin, C
4x LS 16A, 1-pin, C

1 x CEE 32 A, 400 V 1 x CEE 16 A, 400 V 4 x 230V socket with FI switch 40 A, 4-pin, 0.03 A across all outlets with 2 m supply cable H07RN-F 5 G 6 mm² + CEE plug 32 A, 5-pole, 400 V, 6 h
unsecured 1 x LS 16 A, 3-pin, C 4 x LS 16 A, 1-pole, C
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Under this brand you will find European product imports with an extraordinary good price / performance ratio.

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Material number
Product state:
plastic- & rubber housing

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