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Increase sales through digital connection

Your chance of a professional web shop at minimal cost

Simply have a complete wholesale range on offer with a mirrored version of the LTH online shop

TYRIOS connector is the name of our new interface with which we are taking a big step towards digitization. You get real-time access to our current inventory, your purchase prices and all relevant product data. Our entire product range is thus automatically integrated in your virtual warehouse and in your online presence. This ensures that any product can be ordered at any time for you and your customers.

This simplifies maintaining product data and reduces the preparation time of offers and orders significantly. The products are maintained by us and automatically imported into your system - you save time, can offer more products online than before and - in doing so - increase your sales. Our inventory is then simultaneously your inventory. Since our inventory is updated in real-time, you will always know which products are available. As soon as you have confirmed the order with your customer, you will trigger the order with us and we will ship directly and neutrally to your customer.

With TYRIOS connector you will receive optimal access to all important product information: detailed product descriptions with data sheets and images. Quotation creation and orders are now quick and convenient. A real added value for your company!

Your shop for only 109,75€ / Month

Costs of TYRIOS connector / TYRIOS trade

The TYRIOS connector interface is a service for an efficient connection to the merchandise management of LTH GmbH and is free of charge for our customers. If you are currently not using an online shop or merchandise management, you can have our entire interface mirrored on request (€ 109.75 / month). This package is called TYRIOS trade. An individual design is not a problem either. If you already operate your own online shop and would like to continue using your own merchandise management, the costs will be even lower. If this is the case, please contact an IT specialist from repalogic to clarify which requirements your system must meet for a connection to TYRIOS connector.

Above all, We owe our success to our long-standing customers. By working towards increased digitization, we want to become more customer-friendly, business-efficient and optimize processes to focus on the most important thing - earning money!

Functionality of the order management via TYRIOS trade

Through the direct connection between the TYRIOS connector and our merchandise management, you can easily add our products to your offers. With order management, you create orders and detailed offers that are sent without media disruption. This means that your customers can view and book their offer immediately, even on mobile devices. Documents such as delivery notes, invoices, memos and work documentation can be saved. A DATEV interface for exporting documents to the tax consultant is also already integrated.


Dropshipping has become a common business model: your customers order in your shop abd we do the shipping for you - directly and neutrally. Your advantages: No effort with purchasing, storage, consignment and shipping. Only purchase goods that have already been sold and generate sales for you. Our advantage: We have a new sales channel through you. Dropshipping creates a win-win situation for dealers and wholesalers.

With TYRIOS connector this sales channel is integrated automatically.

We believe this is sensational - you can offer our entire range of products without investing a lot of capital. Once set up, your online shop generates sales fully automatically. Orders from your online shop are forwarded directly to us using TYRIOS connector. We send your order and invoice you. You, in turn, bill your customers via your online shop and have a variety of payment options to choose from, which you customize to your needs. So you practically make money in your sleep.

If desired, we will send your order with a neutral delivery note or a delivery note tailored to your company. At LTH, we remain invisible to your customers.

Let's tackle dropshipping together!

LTH has been relying on TYRIOS for years

TYRIOS connector can be connected to existing software and is of course compatible with all TYRIOS software solutions.

TYRIOS is a modular software solution with which provides you and your company with a website, online shop, order management, warehouse management, customer database and digital marketing. With the use of TYRIOS you have countless opportunities to digitally optimize your business and thereby ensure a steady growth.

Find out more from our IT partner repalogic at www.TYRIOS.io

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