HOFKON 290-4 2-way corner C19 45ø

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HOFKON 290-4 2-way corner C19 45ø

HOFKON 290-4 2-way corner C19 45ø 4-point truss, incl. Conical connectors

Measure: 290 x 290 mm
Leg length: 1000 x 1000 mm
Angle: 45°
Tube: 50 x 2 mm
Bracing: 20 x 2 mm
Material: EN AW 6082 T6
EUROCODE 9 tested
TüV tested factory
incl. conical connector set (4x conical connector, 8x trusspin, 8x r-clip)
Dimensions: 290 x 1000 x 1000 mm
Weight: 6,9 kg
Powder coating by request

The standard truss -size in the world of trusses is HOFKON 290-4. Lightness and flexibility are the main characteristics of HOFKON 290-4 series. Its conical connection secures a fast and safe assembly. HOFKON 290-4 is ideal to use for fixed installations or for (small) stages, but also for: Exhibition booths, geometric body for billboards and decorative constructions. HOFKON 290-4 delivers easy handling and high performance.
Ideal for:

small stage roofs
booth construction



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HOFKON 290-4 | dimensions: 290 x 290mm | bracing: 50 x 2mm | EUROTRUSS COMPATIBLE