LDR XPress Moving 575TH


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LDR XPress Moving 575TH

LDR XPress Moving 575TH

Combining the high technology of a moving-head wash light projector with a colour scroller, the Xpress Moving 575 TH uses standard colour gel filters for projecting real and true colours in all directions. Xpress Moving 575 TH is designed for usage with 575 HPL tungsten halogen lamps and is fitted with a built-in 100%-0% dimmer and Xpress 18 scroller. Xpress Moving 575 TH is supplied complete with 4 different, interchangeable lenses to cover a wide range of beam angles, from very narrow spot (15°) to very wide flood (30°x51°). A precise and quiet operational mode makes this fixture ideal for theatre, TV and live events.


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