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Complete of camera/stand adapter and USB/USB type C cable and diffuser.
Suitable battery: SONY DV-MOUNT


A kickass light

The Kickasspanel is an On-Camera light that rocks. We created it so it is practical and portable but also equipped with an impressive amount of light. 2100 Lux at 1 m, can you believe it? It practically emits the same amount of light as some 1x1 LED panels on the market which are priced three to five times higher. So, with the Kickasspanel you can get serious and illuminate your sets and use it as a mini studio light, for vlogs, music videos and much more.


Product specifications

Dimensions:  180 x 120 x 45 mm

Weight:  530 g (1.1 lb)

Voltage AC:  90 V – 240 V

AC Barrel Connector:  5.5 x 2.1 mm

Watt consumption:  20 W

Battery option 1:  NP-F-SERIES (7.4 V)

Battery option 2:  V-Mount type (14.8 V)

Frequency (input):  50/60 Hz

Compliance:  CE

Full Color RGBW

The Kickasspanel can be mains powered or battery powered. A USB Type-C cable for the power supply is included in the package, but alternatively you can also use common NP-F type batteries or an AC power supply. As in all Lupo products we wanted to create a cool and stylish design for the Kickasspanel, but a fundamental feature of this pocket light is also the robustness that derives from the reinforced technopolymer construction. For a very affordable price you will have a small, powerful, durable and extremely robust light.

Compact and tough

We are always working to develop new products and to improve existing ones and we work hard to create technology that lasts over time and makes you happy with your investment. This is the reason we wanted to give the new Kickasspanel range a super solid and resistant structure, while keeping to our lightness and portability philosophy. All the Kickasspanel range models are mains or battery operated (standard 14.8 V and 95 Wh batteries). Firmware can be upgraded through the USB port.

It packs a punch

The Kickasspanel is an On-Camera light but it is actually also the smallest LED studio light in the world. It uses the same technology as its bigger brothers Actionpanel and Superpanel and therefore you can expect “Pro” performance and light quality even if the price is unbeatable.

Intuitive settings

The digital display on the back of the Kickasspanel Full Color allows you to clearly and easily visualize the light intensity you decide to set, the chosen color temperature. All functions and settings are designed to make life simpler for professionals.

Battery operation

With the Kickasspanel Full Color you have two options for battery use. First is using small and cheap NP-F-SERIES batteries (7.4 V) that can be attached directly to the back of the light. These are super common batteries that you can find anywhere. Second is using V-Mount type batteries (14.8 V, 95 Wh or higher) that can be connected to the Kickasspanel Full Color through a D-Tap cable. This is also a very practical solution.


The Kickasspanel Full Color is sold with ball head, USB Type-C cable and diffuser incuded. All Lupo products are compatible with a wide range of accessories: backpacks, batteries, v-locks, battery chargers, softboxes, carrying cases, tripods and clamps. By clicking on the link below you can see the full range of accessories for Kickasspanel Full Color.

lamp type
power | Watt
  • 20
color temperature
LUX @ 1m: 2100
  • color temperature: 2800K - 10000K
  • CRI: 96
  • TLCI: 98
protection class
power connection
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State-of-the-art technology.


Lupo was founded in 1932 by Carlo Lupo and was dedicated to the production of professional photography studio equipment. In the first decades, production focused mainly on equipment and accessories for professional photography such as enlargers and tripods.

At the end of the ‘70s, Lupo passed on to the second generation and was managed by the founder’s sons, Aldo and Giorgio Lupo, who expanded production and subsequently transferred their headquarters to Collegno, near Turin, where it is still located today.

In the ‘90s, it began to focus on the production of professional lighting equipment not only for photographic purposes, but also for broadcasting and video environments. Thanks to the experience gained over the following two decades, Lupo became a well-known and appreciated brand in television studios around the world, thus building the foundations of its current success and the widespread distribution of its lighting systems.

Since 2010, with Andrea and Carlo Lupo, it has concentrated on to the development and production of LED lighting specific to various sectors, particularly television, video, live shows, theatre and photography.

For this reason, Lupo is one of the few companies worldwide that hold the necessary know-how to produce professional lighting equipment that meets the requirements of different customers and different professional sectors.

Lupo is a brand that exports "Made in Italy” quality, renowned worldwide for its product excellence and technical innovations in the field of professional lighting.


LTH is officially LUPO distributor since 2016


The LTH expert opinion:

Qualitatively outstanding and technically extremely innovative products completely "Made in Italy”

A wide range from small on-camera lights, studiopanels and LED Fresnel Series.

International television studios, photographers, exhibition stand constructors, theaters and private bloggers - LUPO offers the right thing for everyone!



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