Squarelight Design Series 575W Metal Halogen Multi


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Squarelight Design Series 575W Metal Halogen Multi

Squarelight Design Series 575W Metal Halogen Multi-Spot
magnetic ballast with barndoor

A series of Metal Halogen Multifunctional Spotlights, with stylish shell and well-designed cooling system, aluminium die-cast material prompt the heat dissipation to improve the life of the lamp source and reflector. Each complete fixture will come with four sets of lens different degree, according to differrent sizes. Both halogen lamp and discharge lamp version are available, it can be used in a wide range such as: exhibitions, theater, gymnasium and so on.
The special clou - by changing the rear socket part the 575W discharge unit can become easily a tungsten unit and can be used with the well known 575W halogen lamp.

Inserting (replacing) the lamp
It is easy to insert or replace lamp due to human-oriented design of lamp system. you just need to press inside and revolve the lamp base by 45° then to do the replacing.
Another, you can choose the halogen lamp base or discharge lamp base freely.
To save time for assembling and disassembling.

To guarantee safty,the lamp house and lamp socket will be connected by safty cable.

* demounit at special price *


Lamp: HSR 575W
Lamp Socket: GX9,5
Body Material: Aluminium
changeable lenses: 11° - 52°
Dimmensions: 369 x 303 x 320mm
Weight: 4,7 kg


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