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IVL Carrés are game-changing lighting products allowing you to create multidimensional advanced shapes from one source of light.

Each IVL Carré is covering a wide area by producing 4 directive light plans, one by each side of the square. Each plan is adjustable at a 180° angle to create stunning perspectives when combined together. The light plans of each IVL Carré can be cut into 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 beams: welcome to a new world of advanced shapes and infinite possibilities.

In a time where crowds ask more and more for experiences, IVL Carrés advanced shapes help you create truly immersive designs with their smooth enveloping textures and 3D rendering perception. With different operation modes, IVL Carrés perfectly fit any kind of application and are an infinite playground for your creativity. With IVL Carrés, multiply your creative output with a simple DMX control.


What is IVL™ Lighting?

IVL™ Lighting is a new category of lighting created and patented by Minuit Une. IVL™ Lighting is the first-ever lighting range, specially designed for experience. IVL™ Lighting by Minuit Une is based on a ground-breaking technology to go further in lighting design.

For the first time ever, create spectacular experiences without heavy logistics:
– Advanced shapes: stunning visual lighting shapes and decors, « like a 3-D architecture ».
– Unique immersive feeling: wide coverage area, calibrated output, enveloping lights covering all the available space « feel the light around you»
– Unlimited versatility: infinite effect combinations; constantly renewed style or atmospheres within a show, « never cease to surprise the audience »
– Without a custom programming software: Intuitive programming from your own DMX console

Without heavy infrastructures: IVL™ products are a concentrate of technology. Small-sized, light-weighted and robust, they can be hung anywhere in any direction.


IVL Carrés Versatile applications

IVL Lighting: Versatile applications from Minuit Une on Vimeo.

Concert, touring, TV shows, corporate event, fashion event, conference, video clip… IVL Carrés are fit for any application as well as any kind of musical background. It all depends on your needs and creative vision.


IVL Carrés Effects


The super fast scanning system of the IVL Lighting range (333Hz frequency rate) allows the human eye to see every single nuance of colour.

A vibrant and smooth RGB colour spectrum to perfectly complete the best LED´s and HALOGEN´s chromatic range, with vivid colour combinations as well as a wide range of pastel colours.


4 brushless step to step motors independently control the 4 separate side mirrors to achieve unlimited immersive positions.

Smooth movements with a 1% range can be reached due to a specific electronically augmented resolution driver.

Each mirror has a 0° to 360° angle to create an infinity of immersive, decorative and wash effects.

Reset function by optical sensors.



The light plan can be divided into 1,2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 controllable beams thanks to an intelligent electronic software synchronised with the scanning system frequency rate.

These specifications are converted via DMX consoles as an intuitive gobo system with the following equivalence:

Gobo type: number of beams

Gobo size: width of the beam

Gobo indexation: position of the beam on the mirrors

Gobo rotation: speed and direction of rotation.


The covers are PMMA, a material that lets the light go through while creating visible lines of light on the pyramid or square shape, to play with both the immersive and decorative effect of the IVL Lighting.

The projection lines created by the 4 plans can enhance any venue architecture by combining lighting, decoration and mapping in a stunning and unique way.



The directive of the IVL light covers any large indoor area with advanced shapes. The right level of haze will help materialize the effects and create a truly amazing experience.

The aperture angle of each mirror is 180°, allowing the 3D rendering perspectives to have no size limit.



Want to know more???

- General Presentation https://vimeo.com/263379430

- Versatile Applications https://vimeo.com/263381399

- DMX Overview https://vimeo.com/263380750

- Big Venue  https://vimeo.com/215181014

- Latest New Video https://vimeo.com/301216286

- Tutorial videos: www.vimeo.com/minuitune


The LTH expert opinion:

IVL products are a concentrate of technology. Only one flightcases make the show in mid-size venues, free of heavy logistics.

Especially by the feared lack of technicians in the event industry THE solution!

Of course, this device is not a cheap light effect - it is priced in the range of a premium moving head... But here you can realize with a single device - mounted centrally on the stage - already a fancy stage design with exciting tunnel effects.... To achieve a similar result with a single moving head is absolutely impossible!

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